The Boulevard Woodgrill: Come for Brunch

A modern setting and a menu of flavorful food and drink is what will greet you at the Boulevard Woodgrill, one of Arlington's top spots for seafood and international fare. Weekend brunch is perhaps one of the best times to relax at Boulevard Woodgrill with a mimosa while you snack on smoked salmon Benedict, Grand Hotel French toast, eggs Florentine, or a southwest frittata with chorizo sausage, lump crab, and white cheese.

Lunch offerings include dishes such as a Black and Bleu burger, a lamb kafta pita made with grilled lamb, feta cheese, and mint yogurt, and a wood-grilled salmon wrap with balsamic glaze and roasted red peppers. The dinner menu rolls out fare like the Hudson Valley duck breast with parsnip puree, sage- and maple-cured Atlantic salmon with orange mimosa vinaigrette, and wood-grilled steak gorgonzola with tarragon mushroom sauce.

Visit the Boulevard Woodgrill’s website for hours of operation as well as full menus.

Boulevard Woodgrill
2901 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 875-9663

Restaurant Week!

Winter Restaurant Week is upon us! This well-known celebration features specially priced menus from some of the most acclaimed restaurants in the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. A great way to explore new restaurants at an affordable price. Don't miss out!

When: January 19th thru January 25th

Make your reservation here.

Want to know more? Visit for more exciting events in the area.

Three Uses for Coffee Beyond Your Morning Mug

You already think coffee is a lifesaver, but what if we told you that it has other uses aside from your morning mug? There are a variety of different ways to use coffee beans, grounds, and coffee itself, and many of them have nothing to do with that morning jolt of caffeine. Here are some helpful ways to use coffee around the house.

  1. Exfoliate your skin. If you usually use a cream-based face wash, turn it into an exfoliant by adding coarse coffee grounds. Wash your face as you normally would, and the grainy texture will slough away dry, dead skin cells.
  2. Freshen the air. In rooms like the kitchen or bathroom, use coffee as a unique air freshener. Place a small bowl of coffee grounds somewhere out of the way to mask and absorb odors.
  3. Scrub pots and pans. If your pots and pans are covered in grease but you don’t want to take steel wool to the non-stick surface, try coffee instead. Smear some grounds all over the surface of the pan, and then use a sponge or thick rag to apply pressure in small, circular motions.

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Cheesetique: A Cheese Shop in Arlington

Cheesetique is a combination wine bar and cheese shop located on an adorable street in the Shirlington Village area of Arlington. You’ll know that you’ve arrived when you see the Parisian-inspired striped awning and signature Cheesetique logo. On the inside, the restaurant features a well-stocked display area selling gourmet cheeses, a large wine bar where guests can sample the latest reds and whites, and some small cafe tables for those who wish to eat a full meal.

The menu includes cheese-based dishes like grown-up grilled cheeses and macaroni and cheese, as well as hot soups, sandwiches, and charcuterie boards with various meats and, of course, cheeses. The wine selection is very impressive, and Cheesetique will often let guests sample before ordering. If you have room for any more indulgences, the restaurant also offers decadent desserts to complete an already-delicious repast.

4056 Campbell Avenue
Arlington, VA 22206
(703) 933-8787

Copperwood Tavern January Tasting

Mark your calendars! One week from today on Tuesday, January 6th from 6:30-7:30pm, Copperwood Tavern will be hosting a small bites and tavern warmers tasting. Bring your family and friends to enjoy Copperwood's NEW outdoor fire pits and Tavern Warmers. Limited space available!

4 Shoe Organization Tips to Reclaim Your Closets

From high heels to running sneakers, shoes have a habit of overtaking closets. They tumble off of shelves, get lost under the bed, and fill the entryway with unmanageable clutter. Here are four simple tips to help you tackle your shoe collection for good.

  1. Turn them into a display. If you have a too-big shoe collection and a too-small closet, make the most of your addiction. Treat your shoes like invaluable art by displaying them somewhere unexpected, like along a windowsill or in a credenza.
  2. Maximize space with flat shoes. While boots or heels can be clunky and hard to store, things even out with flats and sandals. These shoes can help you save a bit of precious storage space, so invest in a hanging shoe rack with flat pockets, or tuck them into an unused drawer.
  3. Stow fancy shoes away from the others. If you have a pair of expensive heels or leather tuxedo shoes that you only wear on special occasions, keep them in clear shoeboxes on a high shelf to make room for everyday pairs.
  4. Create DIY storage. Shoe storage units can be expensive, so why not get crafty and create your own? Bend some wire hangers to hang flats and sandals from sturdy cords.

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Need New Year’s Ideas?

If you want to celebrate New Year's Eve in style, but not sure exactly what to do, check out this great guide in Northern Virginia Magazine. They have a variety of great options for bringing in the new year like First Night Alexandria, Dogfish Head Brewery's Beer Dinner Extravaganza, or Clarendon Ballroom's NYE Gala. There are so many ways to celebrate, the difficulty will be just picking one!

Potbelly Sandwich Shop: Tasty Sandwiches

Potbelly Sandwich Shop is a small chain with a location in Arlington that was opened in a former antique store in Chicago during the 1990s.

The owner built a menu of great, traditional sandwiches made with the best Italian cured meats and fresh vegetables, and the company has steadily grown throughout the United States. Arlington locals regard Potbelly as a delightful spot, with fresh ingredients and big flavors. Some of the most popular sandwiches include the A Wreck, made with salami, roast beef, turkey, ham, and Swiss. More health-conscious consumers can choice from the “Skinnys” menu, which has lighter fare on special thin-cut bread. All sandwiches are oven-toasted after ordering to melt any cheeses and give the flavors of the various ingredients a chance to mix and mingle.

Prices here are very reasonable and service is lightning-fast.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop
1615 Crystal Square Arcade
Arlington, VA 22202
(703) 415-0003

Wrapping Party Tonight!

Join us tonight in the lobby for a wrapping party! The Piazza Elves will help wrap, and provide all the wrapping supplies. Just bring your gifts and a healthy dose of holiday cheer. We hope to see you there!

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah! The team at Io Piazza wishes you and your family 8 nights of joyful celebration!